Case of the Spooks (Already…)

Case of the Spooks (Already…)

I’m weak! Tonight I decided that in between making trips down to the basement to do laundry, I was going to bake up some awesome peanut butter cookies – pumpkin cookies were added to the list later, but more on those in a bit. It occurred to me that there was more than one way to give myself the creeps – I could also download a horror book with my one available audible credit. It was genius! I could listen to some awesome haunted house wonderment while creaming butter and sugar! How could that possibly go wrong?!

Let me tell ya, my basement is straight out of a horror film.

Every time that I turn on the light, I half expect Pennywise to be looking up at me from the bottom of the stairs. So while the actual baking was not hindered by my choice of listening material, my ability to switch over the laundry without first wielding a weapon suffered greatly. I will have to add photos at some point, it’s absolutely terrifying down there. Two rooms of creepy separated by a tiny open doorway. Complete with low hanging wires, a cracked concrete floors, and dark corners. Even describing it in this post is making me consider just finishing the laundry in the morning.

Anyway, case of the spooks aside, the peanut butter cookies turned out as amazing as they always do (it’s pretty tough to mess up that classic), but the pumpkin cookies… well, I guess I expected them to be more… pumpkin-y. I should have known better when the recipe called for 1 1/2 cups of white sugar. They’re pretty freaking sweet (I mean they are SUGAR cookies after all), and may be doomed to being handed out to Noah’s Dungeons and Dragons group – those guys will literally eat anything. They aren’t BAD per se, they’re just not what I was expecting.

For anyone who wants to give them a go, the recipe can be found here:

And the book that I was listening to can be found on audible here:


House of Secrets Super Boxset Audiobook

2 thoughts on “Case of the Spooks (Already…)

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t like my pumpkin sugar cookies. I do agree with you that they are more on the sugar-cookie flavor side with just a hint of pumpkin. Pumpkin is such a tricky ingredient to work with because it changes to texture of things so drastically…and I was trying to achieve that soft-batch feel. I’ll play around with it some more this fall to see if I can make them even better. Maybe the D&D guys will like them?


    1. My boyfriend came home and he LOVES them! Haha you know, it could very well have been partially my fault. This was the second batch of cookies I made and it was quite late. Maybe I misread the amount of pumpkin spice or something? Regardless, my boyfriend is in love with them so I will most definitely get the opportunity to try again. 🙂


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